9th September 2013


We're delighted to note that independent research carried out on 1,000 adults across the country has shown that those who use a financial adviser are substantially better off financially and have twice as much savings, larger pensions and feel more financially secure. Not a bad outcome all round...

Details of the report
The Business World reports that the research found

"that those who consult a financial adviser have more than twice the value in savings and investments (E50,800 compared to E24,447) than those who don't. It also shows that the average pension pot is 75 percent greater for those who use the services of an adviser than those who don't (€87,564 compared to €49,820)."

Those using a financial adviser "Significantly Wealthier"
The survey also highlighted that those using a financial advisor were more likely to have life insurance and are significantly wealthier.

"The surveys additional findings highlight other emerging trends between those who avail of the services of a broker and those who don't. It shows that 57 percent of the people who avail of a broker have a life assurance policy compared to 27 percent of people not using a broker.

Those who use a financial adviser on a regular basis (more than once a year) are significantly wealthier and more financially confident with a Financial Confidence Index score of 53 out of 100 versus a score of 46 for those who don't use an adviser at all."

Good advice is priceless
These are sentiments we at Low.ie wholeheartedly agree with, that's why it's worth your while getting in touch. Not just for the cheapest like for like policies in the country but we'll also give you great advice on how to ensure you are properly covered in a way that benefits your entire family