30th July 2014


It's shit or bust for me. But then it's probably like that for all entrepreneurs isn't it? You go out on your own because its an itch that has to be scratched; it's something that you know you have to do, no matter what. You have no choice. And then you go through all the blood, sweat and tears and when you're in the middle of a lean period and doors are slamming in your face, you might have second thoughts occasionally, but you still won't quit. The thoughts of working for someone else is enough of a driver to make you keep your head down and work even harder

Sounds familiar? If so, you're probably in your early phase of building a business, just like me at Low.ie. Or if you're contemplating the self-employed life, maybe these posts can be an insight into what to expect. I'm in the middle of the slog at the moment (is it any other way?) and so I'm not going to be sugar-coating the ideal or the dream. Hopefully you'll read these posts and come away fully-armed and fully aware of what is needed just to get on your way.

 And if you're in the early stages like me then I hope this can be an accompanying journey for you; you might see some similarities or share some experiences – if so, let me know, it would be great to hear from fellow entrepreneurs as well. But for now it will be me once a month giving you, the readers, an insight into my experiences of setting up, launching and trying to build Low.ie into the leading – and lowest online insurance broker.

 "The thoughts of working for someone else is enough of a driver 
to make you keep your head down and work even harder."
This is just an introduction to the series and next week I'll be talking about my background and career and how I eventually, in my 40s, decided it was now or never to establish Low.ie. It's been an eventful few years to say the least – but would we as entrepreneurs have it any other way?

Wasn't it Mary McAleese, at her presidential inauguration, who quoted from the poem by Apollinaire,

'Come to the edge,

We might fall,

Come to the edge,

It is too high.

Come to the edge.

They came and he pushed them,

And they flew'

 I've jumped already, and while I might not be flying, at least I'm still in the air. Until the next time....