24th March 2014


If you have a mortgage, although you may not be aware, you are paying mortgage protection insurance.

If you smoke - you are paying 70 per cent more than non- smokers on your premium.

Figures compiled by low cost insurance brokers Low.ie show that smokers will pay as much as €20,000 more than non-smokers over the lifetime of their premium.

  • Smoking couples, aged 35, will pay €3,430 more on a mortgage of €140,000 over 25 years
  • Smokers in their early 40’s pay a huge €9,788 more on the same mortgage over the same period
  • Smokers in their early 50’s will watch €23,626 more go up in smoke with the same mortgage for just 20 years
The bigger the mortgage, the worse it gets for smokers:

  • A smoking couple aged 35 with a 30 year mortgage of €250,000 pay €8,384 more
  • The same couple in their early 40’s pay €20,330 more
There is good news however... Stay smoke free for 12 months and you will then be considered a non-smoker and pocket the cash savings.

It takes less than 2 minutes to get an online quote from Low.ie. Get a quote now and in 2 minutes the thousands of Euro savings could be just the extra motivation you need to quit the habit for good.

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Good Luck!