15th January 2015


Many well meaning people kick off the year on New Year’s day by going ‘cold turkey ‘ and giving up the fags completely. How long they last is another matter but Arsenal ‘s goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny ( yep try spelling that one!) certainly wasn’t one of them. Having contributed significantly to Arsenal’s 2 nil defeat by Southampton ( he had a howler!) on the day , he decided to have a smoke afterwards in the shower ( must be very rainy in Poland as one tricky place to light up).

Boy was it an expensive one as his manager , Arsene Wenger, happened to see him and he was fined £20,000 ( €25,974) for lighting up. It brings a whole new meaning to the cost of smoking that we know only too well from our life insurance experience where being a smoker ensures you pay through the nose for your cover ( mouth in Szczesny’s case). One of our providers, Royal London, highlighted this again this week with a press release stating smokers can pay more than double that of non-smokers for the cost of their Life assurance and Mortgage Protection policies. To quote from their Press Release…..

A 35-year old non-smoker* will pay around E25.72 monthly life premiums while a smoker will pay E48.55 a month.

The non-smoker will pay E15.15 a month on mortgage protection while the smoker will pay E24.80 for the same product.

But the real pain is when you see what the cost of this is over the term of the policy. Assuming both are 25 year policies then the 35 year old will pay €6,849 more over the term of his life insurance policy and the 25 year old will pay €2,895 …not quite in Szczesny territory but pretty painful nonetheless. You could get quite a few holidays for €6,849 and a fair few trips to the Emirates ( should you be so inclined) for €2,895.

In short, smoking is severely costly to not only your body but also your wallet so if you must smoke in the shower or elsewhere… make sure you try and minimize the cost of your cover by using Low.ie

*For people to be classed as a non-smoker they must not have used any tobacco products, including nicotine replacement products such as patches or chewing gum, in the last 12 months and have no intention to do so in the future.